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DateOpportunity TitleCampusMinistryRole
OngoingAlgonac | CaféAlgonacWorship ServicesVolunteer
OngoingAlgonac | ConnectAlgonacNext StepsVolunteer
OngoingAlgonac | Kids MinistryAlgonacWorship ServicesVolunteer
OngoingAlgonac | Lead A GroupAlgonacGroupsInquirer
OngoingAlgonac | Safety TeamAlgonacSafety and SecurityVolunteer
OngoingAlgonac | Student MinistryAlgonacStudentsVolunteer
OngoingAlgonac Worship TeamAlgonacWorship ServicesVolunteer
OngoingBaby's First Birthday - CareNetRoyal OakFinancial RecordingGroup Member
OngoingChesterfield | Cafe TeamChesterfieldConnectVolunteer
OngoingChesterfield | Connection TeamChesterfieldConnectVolunteer
OngoingChesterfield | Food Pantry TeamChesterfieldLocal OutreachVolunteer
OngoingChesterfield | Hospitality TeamChesterfieldWomenVolunteer
OngoingChesterfield | Kids Ministry TeamChesterfieldKidsVolunteer
OngoingChesterfield | Lead A GroupChesterfieldGroupsInquirer
OngoingChesterfield | Parking Lot TeamChesterfieldConnectVolunteer
OngoingChesterfield | Production TeamChesterfieldConnectVolunteer
OngoingChesterfield | Safety TeamChesterfieldSafety and SecurityVolunteer
OngoingChesterfield | Social Media TeamChesterfieldConnectVolunteer
OngoingChesterfield | Sunday Setup TeamChesterfieldConnectVolunteer
OngoingChesterfield | Women's Ministry TeamChesterfieldWomenVolunteer
OngoingCollective | Serve in Young Adult MinistryTroyCollectiveVolunteer
OngoingCustodial TeamAlgonacAdultsVolunteer
OngoingDetroit | Lead A GroupDetroitGroupsInquirer
OngoingDetroit | Meals Ministry Volunteer Sign-upDetroitAdultsInquirer
OngoingDetroit | Pop Up Shop TeamDetroitLocal OutreachInquirer
OngoingDetroit | Safety TeamDetroitSafety and SecurityVolunteer
OngoingDetroit | Sunday Morning Ministries Help NeededDetroitWorship ServicesInquirer
OngoingDetroit | Woodside Kids Volunteers NeededDetroitWorship ServicesInquirer
OngoingDownriver | Safety TeamDownriverSafety and SecurityVolunteer
OngoingFarmington Hills | Coffee TeamFarmington HillsWorship ServicesVolunteer
OngoingFarmington Hills | Connect TeamFarmington HillsWorship ServicesInquirer
OngoingFarmington Hills | KidsFarmington HillsWorship ServicesInquirer
OngoingFarmington Hills | Parent-Child DedicationFarmington HillsKidsInquirer
OngoingFarmington Hills | Production SupportFarmington HillsWorship ServicesInquirer
OngoingFarmington Hills | Student MinistriesFarmington HillsWorship ServicesInquirer
OngoingFarmington Hills | Worship ArtsFarmington HillsWorship ServicesVolunteer
OngoingForgotten Harvest Food DistributionWarrenLocal OutreachVolunteer
OngoingFuneral Luncheon TeamAlgonacAdultsVolunteer
OngoingGlobal 100 | Become a MentorChurch WideGlobal MissionsInquirer
OngoingGlobal 100 | I'm InterestedTroyFinancial RecordingInquirer
OngoingLake Orion | Forgotten Harvest Mobile Food PantryLake OrionLocal OutreachVolunteer
OngoingLake Orion | Lead A GroupLake OrionGroupsInquirer
OngoingLake Orion | Safety TeamLake OrionSafety and SecurityVolunteer
OngoingLake Orion | Serve in Kids MinistryLake OrionWorship ServicesVolunteer
OngoingLake Orion | Serve in Student MinistryLake OrionWorship ServicesVolunteer
OngoingLake Orion | Sunday Connect TeamLake OrionWorship ServicesVolunteer
OngoingLake Orion | Village Food PantryLake OrionLocal OutreachVolunteer
OngoingLake Orion | Warehouse Thrift OpportunitiesWoodside Vision FoundationWarehouse Thrift StoreVolunteer
OngoingLake Orion | Worship & Production TeamLake OrionWorship ServicesVolunteer
OngoingLapeer | Cafe TeamLapeerWorship ServicesInquirer
OngoingLapeer | Connect MinistryLapeerWorship ServicesInquirer
OngoingLapeer | Kids Ministry TeamLapeerKidsInquirer
OngoingLapeer | Lead A GroupLapeerGroupsInquirer
OngoingLapeer | Production TeamLapeerCreative ArtsVolunteer
OngoingLapeer | Safety TeamLapeerSafety and SecurityVolunteer
OngoingLapeer | Student MinistryLapeerStudentsInquirer
OngoingLapeer | Worship ArtsLapeerCreative ArtsInquirer
OngoingLO Building Renovation TeamLake OrionLocal OutreachGroup Member
OngoingLO Landscape TeamLake OrionLocal OutreachGroup Member
OngoingPlymouth | ArtsPlymouthCreative ArtsVolunteer
OngoingPlymouth | Campus ServicesPlymouthConnectVolunteer
OngoingPlymouth | Connect TeamPlymouthConnectVolunteer
OngoingPlymouth | Facilities TeamPlymouthWorship ServicesVolunteer
OngoingPlymouth | Hospitality/CafePlymouthConnectVolunteer
OngoingPlymouth | Lead A GroupPlymouthGroupsInquirer
OngoingPlymouth | Safety TeamPlymouthSafety and SecurityVolunteer
OngoingPlymouth | Serve in Kid's MinistryPlymouthKidsVolunteer
OngoingPlymouth | Serve with Woodside StudentsPlymouthStudentsVolunteer
OngoingPontiac | Lead A GroupPontiacGroupsInquirer
OngoingPontiac | PreschoolPontiacKidsKids Preschool Leader
OngoingPontiac | Safety TeamPontiacSafety and SecurityVolunteer
OngoingROMEO - 1st VisitRomeoWorship ServicesInquirer
OngoingROMEO - 2nd VisitRomeoWorship ServicesInquirer
OngoingROMEO - GrowRomeoWorship ServicesInquirer
OngoingRomeo - I have questions about FaithRomeoWorship ServicesInquirer
OngoingROMEO - I want to be BaptisedRomeoWorship ServicesInquirer
OngoingROMEO - I want to grow in my commitment to ChristRomeoWorship ServicesInquirer
OngoingROMEO - I want to trust Christ for SalvationRomeoWorship ServicesInquirer
OngoingROMEO - NextSteps PathwayRomeoWorship ServicesInquirer
OngoingROMEO - Prayer RequestsRomeoWorship ServicesInquirer
OngoingROMEO - ReachRomeoWorship ServicesInquirer
OngoingROMEO - Student MinistriesRomeoWorship ServicesInquirer
OngoingRomeo | Lead A GroupRomeoGroupsInquirer
OngoingRomeo | Safety TeamRomeoSafety and SecurityVolunteer
OngoingRomeo | Serve in Kids MinistryRomeoWorship ServicesVolunteer
OngoingRomeo | Serve on Sunday MorningRomeoWorship ServicesVolunteer
OngoingRomeo | Serve with Coffee Ministry RomeoWorship ServicesVolunteer
OngoingRomeo | Women's Ministry RomeoWorship ServicesVolunteer
OngoingRoyal Oak - AM Mom's GroupRoyal OakWomenVolunteer
OngoingRoyal Oak - Connect TeamRoyal OakConnectVolunteer
OngoingRoyal Oak - Facilities Team Royal OakConnectVolunteer
OngoingRoyal Oak - Other OpportunitiesRoyal OakWorship ServicesInquirer
OngoingRoyal Oak - Student MinistriesRoyal OakStudentsVolunteer
OngoingRoyal Oak | Creative Arts MinistryRoyal OakCreative ArtsVolunteer
OngoingRoyal Oak | Kids MinistryRoyal OakWorship ServicesVolunteer
OngoingRoyal Oak | Lead A GroupRoyal OakGroupsInquirer
OngoingRoyal Oak | Safety TeamRoyal OakSafety and SecurityVolunteer
OngoingTroy | Band and Vocal AuditionsTroyCreative ArtsVolunteer
OngoingTROY | ConnectTroyWorship ServicesInquirer
OngoingTroy | Kids MinistryTroyKidsVolunteer
OngoingTroy | Lead A GroupTroyGroupsInquirer
OngoingTroy | Modern ChoirTroyCreative ArtsVolunteer
OngoingTroy | Production TeamTroyCreative ArtsVolunteer
OngoingTroy | Safety TeamTroySafety and SecurityVolunteer
OngoingTroy | Special Needs Kids BuddyTroySpecial NeedsVolunteer
OngoingWarren | First Impressions TeamWarrenWorship ServicesVolunteer
OngoingWarren | Food Pantry Receiving DaysWarrenLocal OutreachVolunteer
OngoingWarren | Lead A GroupWarrenGroupsInquirer
OngoingWarren | Safety TeamWarrenSafety and SecurityVolunteer
OngoingWarren | Student Ministries- Small Group LeaderWarrenStudentsVolunteer
OngoingWarren | Sunday Kids TeamWarrenWorship ServicesVolunteer
OngoingWarren | Thrift Closet VolunteerWarrenLocal OutreachVolunteer
OngoingWhite Lake | Café TeamWhite LakeWorship ServicesVolunteer
OngoingWhite Lake | Elementary MinistryWhite LakeWorship ServicesKids Elementary Leader
OngoingWhite Lake | High School LeaderWhite LakeStudentsGroup Leader
OngoingWhite Lake | I would like to get more involved.White LakeWorship ServicesVolunteer
OngoingWhite Lake | Lead A GroupWhite LakeGroupsInquirer
OngoingWhite Lake | Live Stream ProductionWhite LakeWorship ServicesVolunteer
OngoingWhite Lake | Middle School LeaderWhite LakeStudentsGroup Leader
OngoingWhite Lake | Preschool Ministry White LakeWorship ServicesKids Preschool Leader
OngoingWhite Lake | Safety TeamWhite LakeSafety and SecurityVolunteer
OngoingWhite Lake | Serve On Sunday MorningsWhite LakeWorship ServicesVolunteer
OngoingWhite Lake | Special Needs TeamWhite LakeWorship ServicesVolunteer
10-22-2022Warren | Trunk or Treat | Set Up TeamWarrenLocal OutreachVolunteer
10-22-2022Troy | Trunk or Treat | Setup TeamTroyLocal OutreachVolunteer
10-22-2022Troy | Trunk or Treat | Volunteer CareTroyLocal OutreachVolunteer
10-22-2022Warren | Trunk or Treat | Candy RunnerWarrenLocal OutreachVolunteer
10-22-2022Warren | Trunk or Treat | Hospitality TeamWarrenLocal OutreachVolunteer
10-22-2022Warren | Trunk or Treat | Host a TrunkWarrenLocal OutreachVolunteer
10-22-2022Warren | Trunk or Treat | Games and ActivitiesWarrenLocal OutreachVolunteer
10-22-2022Troy | Trunk or Treat | Trunk HostTroyLocal OutreachVolunteer
10-22-2022Warren | Trunk or Treat | Tear Down TeamWarrenLocal OutreachVolunteer
10-22-2022Troy | Trunk or Treat | Candy RunnerTroyLocal OutreachVolunteer
10-22-2022Troy | Trunk or Treat | Crowd Control TroyLocal OutreachVolunteer
10-22-2022Troy | Trunk or Treat | Inflatables TeamTroyLocal OutreachVolunteer
10-22-2022Troy | Trunk or Treat | Parking Lot VolunteersTroyLocal OutreachVolunteer
10-22-2022Troy | Trunk or Treat | Tear Down TeamTroyLocal OutreachVolunteer
10-30-2022White Lake | Trunk or Treat | Trunk HostWhite LakeLocal OutreachVolunteer
11-19-2022Holiday Family Photo | Volunteer | Farmington HillFarmington HillsAdultsVolunteer
01-09-2023Troy | Upward Basketball CoachTroyKidsVolunteer